Friday, November 6, 2009

Just in time

Just in Time

When things like the Stella McCartney line for Gap Kids or the special designer collections for Target come out, do you just hang your head and cry? And what about when Patagonia has one of their incredible sales. Do you hop on e-dreams to see if you can get a ticket to the US that won’t eat up all you save on your bargains?

No worries now, your fairy godmother will take it from here. Bundle Box gives you a shipping address in the United States, then bundles up your purchases (from one or more online merchants) and sends them here to you in Sunny Spain. Charges include everything from shipping and duties to 30 day warehousing. Also gives you the option to buy carbon offset to, well, offset the carbon you’re using up to get your new stuff.

Register now – they start shipping to Spain next week. (Just heard that Stella McCartney for Gap Kids is sold out online, so you’ll have to bribe a friend to go pick yours up at a store. Sorry, my mother is busy all weekend and forever after that so don’t ask.)