Monday, May 12, 2008

Why oh why

How many times a day does your little one ask why? Somewhere between five and one thousand according to yporque (and why) the t-shirt company whose products are designed to keep little fingers and minds busy (and maybe, just maybe, keep them from asking why that thousandth time?)

Here’s the inside story. Elisabeth and Andrea were chewing the fat one summer afternoon, talking again about what so many of us sit around and talk about on lazy summer afternoons – how great it would be to have a professional project to call their own. As baby Matías (Andrea’s son and Elisabeth’s godson) cooed in his crib – he wasn’t even at the why phase yet because he didn’t speak, but they could see what was coming – they started focusing on what would tickle his fancy and came up with their t-shirts with textures, sounds, activities and now stories for the new readers in the family.

Then they called Elisenda, mother of three with a background in psychology and a desire to get back into the swing of the work world and between the three of them they’ve gotten the project so far off the ground that in just three seasons they sell to shops all over Spain and on yo ur trips to Paris, Rome and Geneva. Elisenda takes care of the day to day needs while Andrea and Elisabeth are at their day gigs and they still have their meetings on Andrea’s patio.

So why don’t you go see their stuff and see what you think?

In Barcelona:

Rosselló 248
tel 93 301 5807

Petit Armari
Pedró de la Creu 18
tel 93 280 1094

Rambla del Prat 9
tel 93 218 2108

Marqués de Comillas 6-8
tel 93 476 8600