Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Eggs

It’s Good Friday so you’re out of luck if you were thinking of shopping in Barcelona today. But any child getting ready to celebrate Easter knows that chocolate eggs are in the works and here they’re dreaming of the soon-to-be-delivered mona, the Easter treat that got it’s start as a bread with hard boiled eggs on top (one for each year of the child’s age.)

The evolution from bread to chocolate still life featuring the latest cartoon characters and current football heroes isn’t quite clear but Cacao Sampaka, the innovative chocolate temple has put out a brochure about the making of chocolate eggs to replace the mega egg they used to make (and then invite people to break with hammers the day before Easter.) Master chocolatiers at Escribà get a lot of press around this time of year, but every bakery here has its own masterpiece. Makes for great window shopping!