Friday, January 11, 2008

Waiting in the Wings

Regina Parra had the sensation that she was waiting in the wings. After working for Gonzalo Comella, Hoss (in the days it was called Homeless,) Camper and Vialis (where we met,) in everything from visual merchandising to store supervision, she was looking for her big break.

It came in the form of a tiny space near the Mercado de Galvany, with old mosaic floors and charm to boot. Entre Bambalinas (waiting in the wings or behind the scenes in Spanish) was her chance to give free reign to her creativity and her chance to turn a little corner of the world into the world according to Regina Parra. And it looks like a lot of people want to share that world. It’s inhabited by shoes from Chie Mihara, Pedro García, Maloles and Pura López, bags by Beatriz Furest, and crochet jewlery made by Laura Pardo especially for the store. Every season she falls in love with something – and her customers do too. For winter it was hair ornaments, for summer look for stockings. Entre Bambalinas is furnished with antique pieces that change with the seasons and the shelf-lined wall that functions as a stockroom is covered with velvet curtains. Every nook of the shop has been styled by Regina, every label, every sign, designed by her.

And how will her little universe expand? For spring there will be a super-edited
selection of clothing. One day when she has time she’ll finish the line of intimates she’s been working on. Most important, in March she and her brother Pedro will open an outpost in Castelldefels. If the Barcelona shop is louche theater chic, Castelldefels will be all about falling down ballet studios. She’s looking for an antique piano, has a barre lined up and if you’ve got antique tutus around, get in touch – she’s in the market for some.

Regina’s days of waiting in the wings seem to be over – last Sunday Entre Bambalinas was mentioned in the Sunday Telegraph as one of Chie Mihara's favorite shops. A star is born.

Entre Bambalinas
Laforja 89
tel 93 414 0813
m-f 11-14/17-20:30
s 11-14:30
Closed Wednesday 01/16 to Sunday 01/20