Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Daily Bread

A staple of most diets pre-Atkins, yet now where can you find bread that’s worth the guilt?

At Forn Boix they’ve been making some whole grain breads since the 1920´s when they were the only people in town who did. According to Anna Boix, granddaughter of the founder, no one in Barcelona made German-style breads so her grandfather had to go to Germany to learn the trade. Ever since he got back they’ve been making whole grain croissants, muffins and breads. Now they use only certified organic materials imported from Germany and Finland by a supplier who works with just two bakeries in Barcelona. And it’s still a family business, like so many who think that maybe this is the last generation who’ll be willing to work baker’s hours. So don’t miss the chance to try daily selections from their huge repertoire of breads (like soy, German, whole wheat, 4 grain, 9 cereal, sunflower seed,) muffins (sesame, raisin almond, linden seed, sugar-free,) and special breads, whole grain cookies and empanadas.

Forn Boix:
Carrer d'en Xuclà 20

The historic site of the bakery at Consell de Cent 372/ Girona 73 has been a bakery since the 1800’s, as you can see from the modernista façade. The current owners are the sons and daughters of the man who bought the bakery 35 years ago. According to María Flores, wife of the current generation’s bread baker, 2 or 3 years ago they decided to try some new tricks and now there are lines for their pan ecológico and whole grain breads. Don’t miss the brioche-like walnut bread! It’s a meal in itself (my dear friend, the English painter Pola Wickham told me about it, and she always knows where to find the best food!)

Consell de Cent 372/Girona 73

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