Monday, November 26, 2007


Lienzo moreno is the name of the undyed cotton that was once used to make sheets (a long time ago,) but it doesn’t sound so nice for baby clothes.

Guess what? It is. Dora Garriga and Jordi Cugat of Som Naturals have been using it for just that purpose for 15 years. Dora bought some fabric and found a way to wash it to give it a beautiful hand, prevent shrinking and make ironing unnecessary (hooray!) and she started making baby bonnets. Then someone asked if she could make a dress. And then another. Pretty soon her husband gave up his antiques business to start making the patterns and sewing the wares. And they’re not just any wares. Couldn’t be farther from the shapeless sacks you’re imagining. The line includes adorable and practical dresses with lace insets, jumpers for baby boys and girls, little hats, and even furry lined jackets, all from the softest of undyed cotton, all made right up the coast in Calella.

Since it’s a truly artisan operation their production isn’t big enough to sell to too many other stores and to find them in Barcelona you have to keep track of the textile stands that get set up in the city periodically, especially on Portal de L’Angel.

To keep informed about where and when to find them:
Tels. 93 766 0669
61 991 0433

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