Monday, November 12, 2007

H&M Stampede

All of the elements of a fashion event were in place: red carpet, skinny jeans and big sunglasses, Starbucks cups, gawkers with cameras, the press. Barcelona was getting ready for H&M’s launch of the Roberto Cavalli collection.

At 9:05 there was a modest line (despite the reports from H&M press people published in La Vanguardia on Friday the 9th, it didn't turn the corner on Grand Vía until minutes before doors opened), just stretching past the red carpet zone, and one security guard.

By 9:15 the press had arrived, and by 9:35 the line was almost to the corner of the street, there were 4 security guards and several back-ups and the H&M guys serving coffee to the line were running to refill their thermoses (and snapping pics of the crowd.)

And despite a few line-butters, when the doors opened at 10 to the applause of the animal print-clad employees lined up on the central staircase, everyone proceeded to enter in orderly fashion to check out the goods, including long and short animal print dresses (149€ and 79€) and men’s and women’s tuxedos - 25 pieces for women and 20 for men.

Viva Retail!

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