Tuesday, October 23, 2007

In the bag

Of course our home town Vinçon, with their yearly Christmas bag design, is the hands-down world champion of the shopping bag so stores in Barcelona have a lot to live up to on that front. But there are still a few little guys out there who score big on the bag graphics.

The Superservis chain of mini-groceries uses a logo originally created in 1961, when they opened their second store on Calle Avinyó (the first, on Aribau, opened in 1945,) that’s so retro that it still looks great.

Pick up a litre of milk just to get the bag:
Avinyó, 11
Diputación, 178
Ramón y Cajal, 49
Vallirana, 21-23

As a tribute to the cartoonist Cesc, the owners of the French bookstore Llibreria Jaimes, longtime friends of the artist (he made the birth announcements for the founder’s grandchildren,) have brought back his drawings from the 1940’s originally made for the paper then used to wrap purchases . Now on their shopping bags, they feature the surroundings of both their stores, including the historic and iconic sights of Paseo de Gracia and the buses that will take you to their store on Drs. Trias i Pujol.

Brush up on your French or get a guide for your next trip to Paris:
Paseo de Gracia, 64
Drs. Trias i Pujol, 7

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