Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A taste of home

Proust, madeleine, secret chambers of memory and emotion unlocked, yadda yadda yadda. Highbrow literary allusions aside, there’s no taste like home – your mother’s cakes, grandmother’s stews or just a plain old pb and j. Living abroad those are some of the things you never knew you’d miss so much.

Ricky Mandle and Mónica Navarro know all about how taste can transport you to another world – that’s why they started Delishop. He’s from New York, she’s from Barcelona and they both love food. So they created Delishop products as a way to travel the globe through the world of flavors from all over. They work with artisans to make special pastas, sauces, chocolates, teas and a whole bunch more under the Deli Shop brand (by the way, nice packaging!) And they created Delishop shops to sell their creations along with all sorts of foods you remember from childhood at home. Wherever home might be – frantic for Marmite – rest easy, you’ll find it here. Saurkraut in Reisling wine? Ditto.

Anyway, we were talking about missing home and the food that makes it home. And holidays? Ouch! Are you one of those homesick Americans gearing up to work through Thanksgiving tomorrow thinking of loved ones gathered around tables drooping under the weight of family recipes and holiday cheer? If you can’t go home for Thanksgiving, candied yams or cranberry relish might help take away the sting and you’ll find them, along with delicacies like Pop-Tarts, Newman’s Own salad dressing, Crisco for your pies, macaroni and cheese and marshmallows, at Delishop. You can take a bite, close your eyes, click your heels and remember that there’s no place like home.

Wait, just one more thing! Banana Quik? When did that happen? That was not part of my childhood – how dare they! Is it any good?


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