Monday, May 25, 2009

When you're least expecting it

You know that saying about how when you're least expecting something you should expect it? It is sooooooo true. Like today for example if you're standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change and thinking about where to duck for shelter if any more of the drops you'd just felt started falling on you and you absentmindedly walked into Petit Bateau and saw the cutest underwear you'd seen in a long time. You probably would not have been expecting that. But there it was.

We really don't have time to get into why it took so long for the bikini cut to catch on in the European market but let's just say that we know women who never buy their underwear in Spain so finding these was a major revelation.

You may not have been expecting to buy underwear today, but do it anyway - the Petit Bateau Super Fin Coton collection culotte is too good to pass up (and check out the matching tank tops because we were not expecting to love the set, but here we are, loving it.)

Petit Bateau
Mallorca 270
tel 93 272 0362

Rambla Cataluña 89
tel 93 488 3736

Diagonal 3
tel 93 356 0469