Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks H&M, you made my day

Jeans rock our worlds like no other piece of clothing we can think of and their acceptance as work-place attire in the creative or fashion-related or freelance worlds (for the non pjs on the couch set,) may have a lot to do with why these are more and more attractive as career options (well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.)

One experience that doesn’t always rock is when you have to buy new ones. Fit, wash and well, mostly fit, can be stress producing, and the market over saturation makes you feel that you should leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of the perfect fit. But by the time you’ve done that you could be out of the jean-wearing demographic.

So let us help you narrow your search parameters. Go to H&M. You’ll find the Sqin for the daring set, the Wide for the fashion set, Original and Lucky for just plain old jeans wearers and then styles that come and go like the Now, wide trouser-cut dark dark wash with metallic stitching. Lots of stores have lots of cuts, you’re saying, what’s so special about H&M? Have you ever tried on 6 pairs of jeans and had them all look good, we say back. Go to H&M – they’ll make your day.


tel for all stores: 901 120 084

Carrer del Mar 31 – 33
m – sat 10 – 20:30

C.C. Diagonal Mar
Av. Diagonal 3
m – sat 10 – 22

C.C. Glòries
Av. Diagonal 208
m – sat 10 – 22

C.C. La Maquinista
Cuitat de L’Assumpció s/n
m – sat 10 – 22

C.C. Maremagnum
Moll de Españya s/n
m – sat 10 – 22

Carrer Portaferrisa 16
m – sat 10 – 22

Passeig de Gràcia 9
m – sat 10 – 21

Avinguda Gran Vía 75-97
m – sat 10 – 22