Saturday, May 17, 2008

My honey

Sometimes when you’re walking down the street, immersed your own world, something catches your eye and you are compelled to change your course (especially if you’re like us and can always be enticed by a fun looking window display, even if it means that you have to cross a busy street.)

Well, that’s what happened just the other day. Walking down Mayor de Sarrià, in a hurry, a labelless jar and a small sign called out and lo and behold there it was, in all its golden glory – the best honey ever. Really, the best.

As the proprietor of the colmado said, you may be able to find honey this good, but not better. All we know is that it comes from a beekeeper near Valencia and it’s spectacularly creamy and that you have to try it. (Check out the pictures of the beekeeper once you’re there.)