Friday, May 2, 2008

Bambalinas revisited

You know how there are some people who’ve always got something cooking and something on the back burner (business wise that is.) Well Carmen Grandes is one of those people, so after years in advertising she started her own firm, then left and started another one and once that was up and running started a children’s clothing company (because in the meantime she’d had a little boy then a little girl and couldn’t find the things she wanted for them – you know how it is.)

Bambalinas (sound familiar – this time it’s not the shoe store near the Galvany,) is just three seasons old but Carmen’s already brought in a partner, added clothes for boys to the original girls groups, started going to international trade shows and is on the prowl for international distributors (here in Barcelona they’re in all of the right shops.)

Enough about the business though, what about the clothes, right? Too cute for words but we’ll try. The colors are just like ones Mommy would wear, and some of the styles too but they never forget that this is a line for children (and the bloomers for the out-of-diaper set prove it.)

And if you remember the shoe store near the Galvany Market that's also called Entre Bambalinas you might be wondering what’s up with the waiting in the wings metaphor. There’s just something about the phrase that captivates with the promise of being just on the verge of the big moment. And it looks like that’s where Bambalinas is.

In Barcelona you’ll find Bambalinas in:

Rosselló 248
tel 93 487 1248

Fontcuberta 12
tel 93 252 4180

Rector Ubach 9
tel 93 414 5798

Pedralbes Center

Valencia 355
tel 93 459 2572