Friday, March 28, 2008

New Sheets

What do you do if you’ve studied law and worked in Project Management for Multi-nationals and as a consultant and can’t find the sort of linen that you’re looking for when you’re living abroad?

There’s only one option if you’re Meritxell Melgar: spend a year writing a business plan and with a lot more elbow grease than you would imagine for a product this sophisticated, start your own fine linen company. After two years in business Linens Forever has 106 products, sourced from the best suppliers around in an effort to keep alive the love for incredible quality and real luxury.

Lately she’s gotten orders from everyone from marquesas to sailors (the kind that have a yacht and need 100 pairs of slippers for their friends,) but Meritxell remembers that the first order was a bathrobe for a friend. Speaking of friends, they’ve helped her out a lot with everything from photos and graphic design to flowers for atrezzos, and the truth is that all of the love and attention to detail that she puts into the venture shows. The photos are impeccable, the packaging exquisite, the embroidery sublime. There are tons of embroidery styles to choose from, but you can bring your own if you’ve got it. Once you’ve seen what Linens Forever has to offer, you’ll be thinking new linens now!

Linens Forever
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Tel 93 362 0394