Friday, February 8, 2008

Is nothing sacred anymore?

You have to fall in love with buñuelos de cuaresma – they’re little fried doughs infused with anise and covered in sugar crystals. You also have to wonder what something so good and so not austere (especially in the cholesterol department,) has to do with Lent.

They glisten in bakery windows everywhere on Wednesdays and Fridays and you see people in the street eating them out of greasy little bags and wiping their hands on their pants (they thought you weren’t looking.) And it used to be that they were only around during Lent (hence the name, because otherwise they would have to be called buñuelos of something else.)

But lots of people must have fallen in love with them indeed because now many places have them all year round. But what if we get tired of them? What if we forget that they mark the passing of the year during that long and terrible stretch between Epiphany and Easter when there are no holidays? Too much of a good thing might just be too much in this case! (Sorry Mae.)