Monday, January 28, 2008

Lite-Brites Big City

Last week, the City of Lights was all light up, and not just red-faced over the Societé Generale scandal. Chez Colette, there were bright suedes from Tods and hi-liter colors from Dr. Martens (you knew it was time for them to have a comeback, didn’t you,) and Repetto – must be a trend if punk rock boots and ballet flats are in on it. Chez Zanotti you saw the brightest of bright satin slippers (as in the ones Cinderella wore to the ball.)

Back in Barcelona with fluorescents on the brain, I saw that Loewe’s got spring in the windows and it glows in the dark too. Then I read in Le Cool that the day-glo thing is over. And just when I’d gotten started! So maybe the next big thing is the post warmer someone so sweetly made for a poor cold metal post on the rue du Faubourg Saint- Honoré. If you’re out shopping in Barcelona, keep your eye out for these and if you find one we’ll know we’ve got a trend on our hands